Saturday, July 25, 2009

Maximize Your Time & Life

Dr. David Jockers DC, MS, CSCS

Exodus Health Center
Time by Man – focused on what pleases us in the moment - little/no regard for the future

Time By God –focusing on what is pleasing to God & building the future of our dreams.

MAN’S WAY                                                 GOD’S WAY
Reactive                                                           Proactive
Procrastination                                                 Well planned
Survival Based                                                 Mission Based
Self-centered                                                    God-centered
Stressful                                                           Peaceful

“The fruit of righteousness is peace, the effect of righteousness is quietness and confidence forever.”                                      Isaiah 55:11 

Just take a moment and imagine yourself proud, successful, and confident with who you are and what you represent.  You wake up each morning knowing that there is divine purpose to your life.  You immediately begin and end each day by humbling yourself before God and reconnecting to the spirit that calls out to you from deep within. 

You challenge your body, mind, and spirit to continually adapt and grow through regular exercise, education, & focused mental imagery.  You step into each component of your life fully present & conscious – so that every area gets your best.  You’re at 100% for your family, for your career, for your educational path, for your missionary work, etc.  At the end of the day you rest your head on the pillow with 0 regrets.

Our time on this planet is so preciously short, how we utilize each moment we are allotted is a direct derivative of the level of success, happiness, and world-changing impact we have during the course of our lives. 

Effective Time management is the key that makes everything work in your life

There is always enough time to get the important things done.  The problem is never the lack of time; the problem is the lack of time management.  Time management is working from the inside out on your life, instead of working on your life from the outside in.  Over time, this will create fewer and smaller issues and emergencies, allowing you to continue focusing more of your time on what you are passionate about and who and what is important to you.

Live the life you were intended too by learning how to be a disciplined steward of your time/resources and allow the fruitful blessings of such a life to blossom in full.

Body By God        Week 2

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