Sunday, August 2, 2009

Steps to Nutritional Health & Wellness


Dr. David Jockers DC, MS, CSCS
Exodus Health Center

Maximal hydration & nutrient sufficiency are essential to power the 75 trillion cells everyday.  Our society is chronically dehydrated, deficient in the quality omega-3 fatty acids EPA & DHA, alkaline salts, oils & green vegetables, probiotics, & natural living enzymes.  As a result, our bodies are highly acidic, low-energy, fat storing, disease-producing machines.

Steps to Nutritional Health & Wellness

Maximize Food By God & Minimize Food By Man
Food By God                           vs.                   Food By Man:
  Natural/Organic                                              Full of Toxins
  Non-Processed                                                Slow Transit Time
            Pure Energy                                                    Energy Robbing
            Full of Nutrients & Life                                  Full of Toxins & Death
            Fat Burning                                                    Fat Promoting
            Alkalizing & Anti-Inflammatory                    Acidic/Inflammatory

1.  Reduce Sugar Intake & Transform Your Fat Burning Potential
a)  Decrease insulin levels by minimizing any sort of sugar intake.
  Minimize grains & be careful with fruit
b)      Eat lots of vegetables and healthy fat.
c)      With decreased insulin levels and an abundant source of healthy fat, your body naturally switches over from a sugar burner/sugar craver to a highly productive fat burner.  

2.       Fats That Heal:                         vs.                   Fats That Kill:
Raw Almonds                                                 Trans-Fat (Hydrogenated)
Avocados                                                       Corn Oil
Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil                               Cottonseed Oil
Coconut Milk/Flakes                                      Peanut Oil
Extra-Virgin Olive Oil                                    Safflower Oil                                      
Flax & Hemp Seed                                         Sunflower Oil
         Fish Oil (Pharmaceutical Grade)                     Soybean Oil

3.    Grass-Fed, Range Meats & Wild Fish   vs.       Commerical Meat & Farmed Fish:
          Well-kept                                                         Beaten, Bruised, & Tortured
Clean & Healthy                                              Sick & Diseased
          Drug-Free                                                        Hormones & Anti-biotics
Alkaline & Anti-Inflammatory                        Acidic & Inflammatory

Learn the most cutting edge new approach to nutritional health…The Healing Diet

Specific nutritional program designed for fast, effective, & long-lasting results.  Quiets down the effects of insulin while stimulating natural fat burning mechanisms.  Controls inflammation and allows for massive amounts of weight loss to take place in a quick, healthy manner. 

Other Topics that will be covered include: 
                        Resistance Training Essentials
                        Functional Fitness
                        Time & Stress Management

Body By God        Week 3
Monday, August 3rd  7pm

Exodus health center
2750 Jiles Rd
Kennesaw Ga 30144