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Many years ago, an Iranian doctor named Dr. Batmanghelidj,reported on the occurrence of asthma and allergies with states of chronic dehydration.  Although the connection was plausible; the science had not been done to back up this claim. Many scientists, married to the dogma of medicine, scoffed at Dr. B's assumptions. Today, more science has been conducted to look at this phenomena and the relationship seems more valid than ever. 
Both asthma and allergies are due to abnormal immune responses.  Under both conditions, simple irritants cause massive inflammatory attacks that damage tissue.  The key question is always:  Why is my body not healing itself?  The answer is always the same:  Toxicity and/or Deficiency. 
A common and easily addressed deficiency that is present in what is estimated to be anywhere between 80-98% of society is chronic dehydration:       
Dehydration:  All life began in water; even the developing fetus is surrounded by water.  A water rationing system takes effect immediately in response to any form of dehydration.   A neurotransmitter named  "Histamine" becomes active & redistributes water throughout the body.  Some areas of the body are obviously more important than others.  The order of circulatory priority (an inborn triage system) is the brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, & glands.  Of least importance are the muscles, bones & skin.
Histamine's responsibility is to ensure that these vital organs have enough water to function properly during times of dehydration.  If the dehydration issues become chronic; then water must be taken from major regions within the body.  Additionally, chronic dehydration can cause histamine to become excessively active leading to symptoms that are often mistaken for other disorders.  The most common symptoms associated with dehydration and elevated histamine include allergies, asthma, dyspepsia, colitis, constipation, rheumatoid arthritis, migraine headaches and chronic pain.
In addition, during times of chronic dehydration, the body will attempt to conserve water by preventing unnecessary water loss.   A large amount of water is normally lost from the lungs as water vapor through expired air. Histamine, which also controls bronchial muscle contractions, may attempt to restrict water loss through expiration by constricting the bronchial muscles.
Mainstream medicine's approach is to suppress the symptom, (they rarely ever attack the cause) therefore they give anti-histamines, which negate the bodies attempts to protect vital organ function.   This approach fails to address the body's natural balancing systems and causes long-term problems with the bodies self-healing abilities.   Among other things, regular anti-histamine use is now known to enhance cancer growth:
The Journal of the National Cancer Institute: May 18, 1994:  "Antihistamines enhanced malignant cell growth in mice."  This study discussed antihistamines ability to diffuse through a cell's membrane and disrupt normal tumor inhibiting mechanisms.  The drugs are designed to bind to the histamine receptors, causing them to interfere with the so-called P-450 enzyme system, a group of enzymes that helps detoxify poisons and aid in regulating cell growth.
If the cell is otherwise healthy, that disruption may not do much. But if the cell has already been hit by a cancer initiator, the alterations in the P-450 system may tip the cell over the edge. That cell now begins to divide in the out-of-control fashion characteristic of cancer.
1.      Purity:  A pure source of water is essential.  The best systems are reverse osmosis, natural ionic alkalizers, copper-zinc carbon filter.  Best to avoid plastic containers (chemicals such as phylates & BPA are known to disrupt hormone function and have carcinogenic properties).  Use glass whenever possible.  
2.      Wake up with Water:  Sleeping utilizes energy and water stores and leaves us dehydrated in the morning.  Begin your day with 32 oz of water or more to replenish used stores and for detoxification and colon cleansing purposes.  In addition, this process will enhance metabolism and help you burn fat.
3.      Drink Continuously:   4-8 oz every 15-30 minutes during the day.  Cut this off about 30-60 minutes before and after each meal. 
4.      Use Volcanic Salts:  Natural volcanic salts contain anywhere between 60 & 84 trace minerals that replenish deficiencies and provide valuable alkaline buffers.  These salts help regulate fluid volume in-out of the cell, and along with enough water provide an extremely efficient energy source, "hydroelectric energy." 
5.      Think Water First:  Whenever you are experiencing low energy and/or bodily symptoms, go to water first.  Sprinkle a little volcanic salt in 16-24 oz of water and drink up.  The minerals, alkalinity, & hydration will fuel, replenish & stabilize your cells.   
6.      Decrease Potassium Containing Foods:  People with asthma/allergies often have abnormal trace mineral ratios; therefore foods that are both high in potassium & sugar further trigger reactions.  Avoid orange juice, bananas, & regular/baked potatoes.   Add a bit of good salts to other fruit such as melons.   
7.      Reduce Caffeine & Alcohol Consumption:  Diuretics such as ceffeine & alcohol further dehydrate the body and strip it of valuable mineral and alkaline buffering stores.  This leads to chronic conditions and further tissue insult.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

God's Chemotherapy

I believe deep within my spirit that God created us for incredible health & vitality. He desires for us to look to the natural world He created to provide the resources for health & well-being.  Unfortunately, our society has been trained to look first to man-made interventions and treatments to solve all of their problems. 
However, I believe we honor and glorify God by looking to His creation for the answers to our health goals.  The more I study nature, nutrition, human anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, etc. the more His majesty comes alive.
The world's most powerful cancer fighting substances are found right under our nose in the form of natural plants, herbs, & spices.  Some of the most potent of these include cruciferous veggies (such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, bok choy, collards, & turnip greens among others) contain a wide array of anti-carcinogenic compounds.  Here are a few of them:
1.      Indole-3 Carbinol:  A powerful anti-oxidant that scavenges free radicals in the body.  It plays a very critical role in liver detoxification by inducing hepatic cytochrome P450 monooxygenases.  This reaction affects estrogen metabolism by increasing the production of the chemoprotective estrogen 2-hydroxyestrone. 

Additionally, it has been shown that I3C inhibits aflotoxin-DNA binding and arrests the G1 growth phase of cancerous human reproductive cells.  It has also shown benefit in the treatment of Systemic Lupus, an autoimmune disease related to faulty estrogen metabolism. 

2.      Isothiocyanates:  (Phenethyl Isothiocyanate & Sulforaphane) Shown to induce apoptosis (programmed cell death) in most cancer cells including drug-resistant leukemia cells.  The p53 gene is considered the "guardian of the genome," due to its role in regulating the cell cycle and suppressing cancer formation. 
Increased levels of oxidative stress creates a mutation of the p53 gene which promotes cancer cell growth. Isothiocyanates have been shown to destroy mutant p53 genes.   Broccoli sprouts are considered the best source of these powerful compounds.

3.      Lutein & Zeaxanthin:  These 2 carotenoid anti-oxidants are very similar in chemistry and function. These 2 powerfully reduce oxidative stress, inhibit cancer cell formation, and induce cancer cell apoptosis. These substances are found in abundance in kale, spinach, brussel sprouts, & broccoli.    
Dr. David's Action Steps:
1.      Include a lot of cruciferous vegetables in your diet everyday.
2.    Broccoli Sprouts are the most nutrient dense. 
3.      Steam, marinate, or lightly boil these veggies to break down fibrous outer shell. 
4.      Marinate your veggies in apple cider vinegar for at least an hour to soften them and maintain all essential nutrients in their raw form.
5.      Terminal cancer or metastatic patient's should focus mostly on juicing these to maximize nutrient absorption while limiting digestive energy & stress. 
Healing Cancer From the Inside-Out 
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Cancer Solutions

United States Cancer Rate:  41%

Hunzan Cancer Rate:  .019%

The Quality of Your Life Comes Down to the Questions You Ask Yourself.

In 1952, a biochemist named Dr. Ernst Krebb Jr. asked himself, "Why do people develop cancer?"  He figured that cancer was a metabolic reaction to a poor diet, and a missing nutrient could be the key to preventing & reversing cancer. 
Instead of studying disease, he decided to study health.  He looked at the Hunzas of India, a tribe renowned for aging.  An interesting part of their diet was a large consumption of apricot seed kernels, which were locked inside the hard pit of the fruit. The unique nutrient he isolated within the apricot kernals was amagdylin.  Dr. Krebb later named the vitamin B17.  He then created a semi-synthetic form named Laetrile and patented it as a cancer cure. 

Amagdylin is classified nutritionally as a nitrioloside.  This substance contains 2 parts glucose, one benzaldyhide, and one part cyanide.  Cyanide and benzaldyhide are poisons if they are released as free molecules.  However, when these molecules are bound to others, they remain inert.  Many foods contain the poisons but remain safe because they remain bound.

Normal cells have an enzyme called rhodanese, called the"locking enzyme," to catch and neutralize any free cyanide molecules.  This happens by binding cyanide to a sulfur group, which then passes right through the kidneys and is expelled in urine without any bodily harm.   Cancer cells respond differently, due to the action of a critical enzyme, beta-glucosidase.  This enzyme, has been called the "unlocking enzyme" for amagdylin molecules.  This enzyme releases both the benzaldyhide and the cyanide, creating a massive poisonous reaction. 

This combination of locking and unlocking enzymes found in normal cells and cancerous cells allows for amagdylin to destroy the cancer cells without any harm being done to normal cells.  Typical medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation destroy normal cells as well as healthy cells, causing many unwanted symptoms, and very often killing the individual before the cancer does. 

Best sources of amagdylin can be found at
Why Is This Not Mainstream, Why Are People Not Using This Technology?

The Cancer business is a $200 billion a year enterprise, that focuses on man-made technology.  Anything from nature, in its pure God-form cannot be patented, therefore, nobody owns the sole rights to the product.  Chemotherapy drugs, radiation procedures, and surgeries are much more profitable.  However, if the cancer industry was really effective at eliminating cancer - we wouldn't have it anymore.  Instead, we have more cancer than ever before and more $ spent on cancer treatment every year.

Both G. Edward Griffin with World Without Cancer and Phillip Day in his book Cancer: Why We're Still Dying to Know the Truth, make it very clear that the cancer industry does not really want a cure. A true cure for cancer, will cost them trillions that they will make just managing people with the condition.  Most in our society are so brainwashed they pour tons of $ into these non-profit cover organizations for the Big Pharma industry.  Most of these  non-profit organizations have key people working for 6 figure plus annual salaries all thanks to our generous giving to the industry of disease and death.  
Why Does Exodus Health Center Get Amazing Results?
The reason is simple...we ask the right questions.

Health = Purity & Sufficiency at the Cellular Level
Disease = Toxicity or Deficiency at the Cellular Level

All Human Beings Need Certain Essential Components for true Health & Healing.

       A pure & sufficient diet that is versatile, and full of natural fruits and vegetables, many (at least 75%) in their raw and unprocessed state.
      Natural sunshine, the human battery charger, and optimal Vit D levels
Hydration homeostasis with lots of clean water and energy charged salts.
        A slightly alkaline pH level, blood 7.365, urine: 6.0-7.0 saliva: 6.5-7.5
A non-toxic environment free of pollutants and contaminants. 
      Healthy movement patterns that challenge our muscles to grow & adapt, and stimulate our system to produce high levels of human growth hormone.   
      A Nervous System free and clear of interference in the form of spinal misalignments.  This master control system governs and controls all other function, therefore it is the trunk of the wellness tree to life & health. 
Above and beyond all, I am absolutely committed to learning and growing as a doctor, a practitioner, and a human being. Those in my office know that I love them and care about them as if they were my very own flesh & blood.  I will do everything in my power, knowledge, and expertise to help you and your loved ones reach your highest health goals.  There are so many innocent people being misled, sick, suffering, & dying in front of us...together let's empower people with the truth!

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Cancer Prevention

April is officially Cancer Control Month, during this time we honor cancer victims and survivors, raise awareness of the impact cancer has on our citizens, and underscore our commitment to battling this deadly disease.  While this altruistic effort is certainly commendable, we have to ask if it is really moving us in the right direction?

Science Daily, on Dec 9, 2008 projected cancer to be the number 1 killer in the world by 2010.  According to the new report, the burden of cancer doubled globally between 1975 and 2000. It is estimated that it will double again by 2020 and nearly triple by 2030. This translates to far greater numbers of people living with - and dying from - the disease. The report estimates that there were some 12 million new cancer diagnoses worldwide this year, and more than seven million people will die from the disease. The projected numbers for the year 2030 are 20-26 million new diagnoses and 13-17 million deaths.

During the month of April, you can expect a large national campaign to secure more funding for research into the "cure."  Big ads, such as the Breast Cancer 3-day's "Race For the Cure," are commercialized and adorned on radio & television. In total, this effort has raised over $2 trillion in the last 25 years, yet cancer appears worse than ever.

The conventional cancer treatments, chemotherapy, radiation, & tumor inhibiting medications, have shown limited results and a host of side effects.  A recent British study, reported by ABC News in Nov. 2008, found that about 1 in every 4 cancer related deaths had either been sped up or even caused by chemotherapy. The study's findings also included the discovery that 2 out of every 5 of the patients had suffered significant poisoning from the treatment.

Regardless of these statistics, we constantly hear about the progress we are making.  However, with the ever increasing burden, I question the relative progress we have made in "curing" the world of cancer.  Many statements that have been purported were clearly driven by a marketing agenda for more federal grants and private support for research into the already highly profitable business of cancer treatment.

In the book, Outsmart Your Cancer, Tanya Harter Pierce outlines 6 main ways in which cancer statistics are manipulated to make them look better than they are - she had obtained these findings mainly from the excellent work of Lorraine Day, MD, and Ralph W Moss, PhD. * "Cure" is defined as being alive 5 years after diagnosis. This means that a person could be very sick with cancer for 5 years and 1 day, after which he or she dies, and still be declared as "cured" by chemotherapy. Isn't this simply playing with words? * Certain types of cancer and certain groups of people which exhibit poor recovery rates are simply excluded from overall statistics. This artificially raises the average "cure" rate. * Easily curable cancerous and even pre-cancerous conditions are included in overall statistics.

An example for the latter is ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), which was included in and now accounts for a significant portion of breast cancer statistics. This move artificially increases the overall recovery rate. * Earlier detection is taken to mean longer survival time. This means that a person may die at the exact same point of cancer development as another person, but the former is taken to have lived longer simply by virtue of the fact that his tumor was discovered earlier. In other words, different start points are used. Isn't this merely delusional? *

Patients who fail to "complete" conventional treatment protocols are excluded from overall statistics. This means that if a patient prescribed a 10-course chemotherapy protocol dies after 9 sessions, he is not included as a "failure" case. Control groups, however, play by different rules. This, again, artificially raises cure rates for conventional protocols. Isn't this totally unscientific? * Adjusting for "Relative Survival Rate". This is perhaps best explained by Dr Moss: "Relative survival rates take into account the 'expected mortality figures'. Put simply, this means that if a person hadn't died of cancer he might have been run over by a truck, and that must be factored into the equation." Once again, this artificially raises the success rates of conventional treatment.

Medical historian Hans Ruesch, "Despite the general recognition that 85 per cent of all cancers is caused by environmental influences, less than 10 per cent of the (U.S.) National Cancer Institute budget is given to environmental causes. And despite the recognition that the majority of environmental causes are linked to nutrition, less than 1 per cent of the National Cancer Institute budget is devoted to nutrition studies."

It is scientific fact that everyone develops between 1,000 - 10,000 cancer cells as a product of metabolic processes everyday.  Fortunately, we have a powerful immune system that heals and destroys these abnormal cells, allowing new healthy cells to reform.  The critical question that must be asked when cancer is present is, "why is the body not healing itself?"  Conventional cancer treatment wants to focus on destroying the cancer from the outside (chemo, radiation, etc.) whereas the best success rates have come from maximizing the bodies own innate healing abilities.

Cancer is not as mysterious as what was once thought...it is known to be caused by a toxic and/or deficient lifestyle and the cure is simply bringing purity and sufficiency back into the body on a cellular level.  Nutrition plays an incredibly large role in this process.   When the body is in a balanced state of homeostasis, disease is prevented.  The critical balance must be addressed in the following areas:

Mental Balance:  Be thankful & grateful for your life & the great creator of life.  High stress releases abundant amounts of the hormone cortisol which suppresses immune function and allows tumors to grow unopposed.

Blood Sugar Balance:  High carb &/or high protein diets cause a desensitization of cellular insulin/leptin signaling.  This causes weight gain, immuno-suppression, & heavy inflammation.

Fatty Acid Balance:  Use a high quality fish oil, such as Nordic Naturals.  Make sure you are getting plenty of the fatty acids, EPA & DHA, which are not present in flax seed.  Avoid foods with canola, corn, cottonseed, peanut, safflower, or soybean oil.  These oils skew fatty acid ratios into the inflammatory stages.  This process alters the immunological balance causing tumor growth to go unchecked in the body.
pH Balance:
  Eat an alkaline based diet, with lots of raw foods, green vegetables, single cell algae such as Spirulina and Chlorella, & clean water. In addition, get rid of the multivitamins and supplement with a high-quality greens powder - more absorbable & nutrient dense than synthetic supplements

Digestive Balance:  Optimize your digestion & nutrient absorption through maintaining a healthy gut with probiotic supplementation. 

Movement Balance:  Movement is life and the very action of movement within our muscles & joints stimulates and nourishes our brain. We depend on both intense levels of movement stimulation (vigorous exercise) & non-intense (walking around).  In addition, proper joint function and spinal movement is an essential brain & immunological enhancing nutrient that is absolutely vital to life & health.

Sunshine & Hydration Balance:  Optimizing sun exposure and vitamin D levels are essential immune enhancing nutrients.  Ideally, we should be in the sun with ample skin exposed for 20-60 minutes a day depending on the darkness of your skin.  In addition, hydration with pure water and vital salts is critical to cellular purity.  A minimum of half your body weight in ounces is recommended water intake.  Use high quality volcanic salts such as Himalayan Sea Salt, Celtic Sea Salt, or Redmond's Real Salt on a regular basis. 

Healing Cancer Workshop   Part I

Monday, April 12th   7pm

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A Life of Purpose

This time of year, I always take time to read through and watch both the Passover story and the Resurrection story.  When I center on the common themes within these stories, I am energized with a sense of hope and a stronger and deeper sense of faith.

To think of the incredible level of faith and trust Moses had to stand-up to the most powerful worldly leader of the day; Pharaoh, and demand freedom for his people.  The courage it took to be resilient even after Pharaoh continually denied his requests.  The love that Moses had for God and his people that he would risk everything to continuously confront and infuriate Pharaoh to accomplish the mission God sent him here for.

The Israelites on the other hand, were living in a midst of disorganization and chaos.  They witnessed multiple miracles and God deliver them from slavery.  Despite all of this, they questioned God, made faithless and dishonorable decisions that took them further from the future desired for them.  Fortunately, Moses was a powerful and convicted leader and continually pursued deeper into the wilderness, pressing toward the Promised Land, despite the never-ending bickering and backlash of his own people.  He was a man on a mission straight from God.

I think of Christ, knowing his fate, pressing into his fear and going forward in absolute faith and trust.  Allowing his body to be brutalized, knowing that God had the greatest plan of all hidden within his tears and cries of agony.  

Our individual lives are often times disordered and chaotic.  Left to our individual whims & desires, we become like the Israelites, who had seen God perform miracles, yet continually strayed away from His word.   They abandoned their identity to chase after the symbol/idol that fulfilled their self-gratifying desires of the moment.

Much the same way today, our society teaches us to chase after what makes us feel good in the moment, rather than live the disciplined and faith-filled life of our biblical patriarchs.  Instead, we fill our lives with all kinds of toys and trots, pills, potions, lotions, and other self-gratifying desires in order to find happiness.  The result is a society that is filled with the 4 D's:  Debt, Depression, Disease, and Divorce.
Nothing from the outside-in will ever bring us closer to our potential.  It is only by allowing what God already put within us to shine bright and fully express itself through us that will lead us closer to Him.  

We need less stuff and more of God in our lives to bring peace and order to our day.
  Everything else just interferes with the process.

I truly believe that God has a gigantic purpose for everyone on this planet, but it is how well we anchor with absolute faith into that purpose and continually infuse it with joy, love, and hope that allows us to fulfill His dream for our lives.

For One Week:

Ask God in the morning to infuse you with life, health, and healing this day.  To lead, guide, & direct all of your steps and to use you to fulfill the dream He has for your life.  Then before every action, commit it to God, and let go of the result.

Our Purpose:

As a human being sent from God for a specific purpose at this particular time in history, I feel real pain at the core of my spirit when I see people making neglectful decisions, abusing themselves, their bodies, and their future.  That is why I wake up burning with passion every morning to teach and encourage the principle of life and health God's way into those I come across.

I believe each of us has been placed here with a specific purpose in our lives, and we are born with everything we need to successfully complete our missions during our lifetime.  Our bodies are the vehicles we have been given with which to perform our duties and reach our destinies.  As such, it is our responsibility to take supreme care of ourselves.

In order for you to keep your body functioning and growing stronger every day, your Life Energy must be able to comprehend and respond to everything in your internal and external environments, and THAT requires a clear neurological connection between your brain and all the parts of your body.  Damage to your spine & nervous system interferes with the very process of life causing our bodily systems to grow weaker and degenerate faster.

When someone comes in to see me, I ask God to give me a picture of where their life is headed if they do not take action, and where their life will be if they do take action.  My prayer is that I can be a powerful and convicted force (Moses) to help lead them toward the promised land of health and healing.

As a health coach, I believe the most important elements I can get across to any individual are:

1.      Understanding that there are no accidents or coincidences, but that through every circumstance, God is opening windows of opportunity to bless and fill your life.

2.      Love for the very temple that God created especially for us; our bodies; to house the spirit He infused within.

3.      Faith that God created our bodies to heal themselves so long as we honor His temple.

4.      Hope that no matter what has happened in the past, if we repent (change) of our ways, discipline ourselves and do the right things starting now; our future will be better later.

5.      Joy in the process and life-long journey of building health and growing towards our potential.

6.      Courage to stand-up for what is right, regardless of what anyone else may think, say, or do.

7.      Promise that God has something beyond anything you can think, dream, or even imagine in store for your life if you will let Him take the lead.