Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Toxic Guard

Although our culture is supersaturated with toxins of all shapes and sizes, there are some necessary steps to reduce the toxic load.  Follow these 5 recommendations and you have made an incredible leap towards a life of extraordinary health and well-being.

1.      Drink Lots of Clean Water:  The universal solvent, water is essential for filtering and flushing out toxins from every cell of our body.  It is the ultimate detox tool.  Flushing our cells with ample amounts of purified water and electrolytes naturally eliminates well over 90% of the toxins we take in daily.

Mild dehydration can be detrimental to all of our body's natural detoxification organs.  The kidneys are less effective at purifying the blood, passing their workload onto the liver and other organs.  The cells begin to steal water from the blood stream, causing an increase in vascular tension and workload on the heart.

2.      Maintain a Healthy Mineral Balance:  Certain toxins, such as heavy metals attach to mineral binding sites that are open and available.  Healthy mineral balance is an essential prerequisite for any kind of detoxification process.  Mineral deficiencies will quickly be filled by the dangerous heavy metals that we are all exposed to everyday.    

Common mineral deficiencies include selenium, zinc, manganese, germanium, molybdenum etc.  Substituting minerals can detoxify the body by itself. Electrolytes (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium) are extraordinarily important as well.  These minerals help to transport toxic waste across the extra-cellular space towards the lymphatic and venous vessels.  Fluid & electrolytes are the very medium for all detoxification to take place.  

3.      Detoxify Your House:  Replace your household cleaners with natural varieties such as 7th generation, Shaklee, & 365.  You can also use white distilled vinegar, baking soda, lemon, and hydrogen peroxide for many all-purpose cleaners.  Minimize processed foods, plastics, microwaves, Teflon cookware, grain-fed meat products and farmed fish.  Be sure to clean all non-organic fruits and vegetables in a vinegar & water solution.

4.      Power-Up Your Nervous System:  The human body consists of 75 trillion living, breathing, eating, & detoxifying cells.  Every cell has 10 million chemical reactions taking place every second.  Every single reaction is governed, controlled, and fine-tuned by the central nervous system.  Each cell is in a continual simultaneous process of both healing & degenerating.  This is the great struggle that dictates our future health & quality of life.

This is the critical equation that governs life & health. 
       Health = Cellular Healing > Cellular Destruction & Death
       Disease = Cellular Healing < Cellular Destruction & Death

Spinal subluxations limit the coordinated flow of life that dictates the dispensation in each cell.  This creates poorly functioning cells that are sluggish in their detoxification processes. However, when the nervous system is optimized through corrective adjustments & exercises, optimal healing & detoxification methods are restored to the body.  

5.      Load Up on Chlorophyll:  The substance that gives plants its green pigment.  Chlorophyll is a natural tissue alkalizer, blood purifier, and stimulator for the production of the red blood cells.   In addition, chlorophyll is loaded with highly absorbable magnesium.  Magnesium keeps the cellular calcium channels closed so as to protect the blood brain barrier for dangerous substances.  When magnesium levels drop, the brain becomes highly vulnerable to toxic debris.

Dr. David's Action Steps:
1.      Drink a minimum of half your bodyweight in ounces of water (ideally drink your bodyweight in ounces) and use pure pink salts that are rich in trace minerals.  Do a super-hydrating flush each morning upon waking.

2.      Use a super-greens powder to provide mega doses of chlorophyll and anti-oxidants

3.      Be sure to have your spine & nervous system checked each week by a qualified wellness chiropractor.

4.      Begin to detoxify your house of all hazardous ingredients

5.      Choose grass-fed & free-range meat & eggs and non-processed organic foods whenever possible.