Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Exercise Your Brain

Dr. David Jockers     Exodus Health Center

20th Century Exercise:   Isolate individual muscle groups in a stable environment. 

This era saw the boom of classic exercises such as bicep curls, leg extensions, tricep extensions, etc. isolated a single muscle group.  Stationary equipment that eased the joint load become popular sporting brands such as bowflex, nautilus, etc.  Circuit training techniques utilizing isolation exercises on all of the major muscle groups became a splash.  Many of these remain popular, although far outdated, particularly at trendy women’s fitness centers, and large franchise owned centers. 

As time passes and new discoveries are made, older ideas and concepts wash by the wayside as new and more progressive understandings of how the body’s systems are applied.  This is certainly true for the health, fitness, & weight loss industry. 

21st Century Exercise:  Large muscle groups working synergistically in a rapidly changing, unstable environment produces far greater benefits in a fraction of the time than any other form of exercise.

It is now commonly understood that doing exercise that incorporates a large muscle mass working in a synergistic fashion is more common to everyday life, uses more metabolic requirements, increases oxygen consumption and stimulates larger amounts of anti-aging, fat-burning, & healing hormones such as growth hormone and testosterone. 

Brain Based Exercise:  21st Century Exercise must be Brain Based Exercise.

In biological science, the 1990’s was considered the decade of the brain.  So much research has been done to better understand the brain and nervous system.  One key understanding is that the brain acts much like a muscle, in that it depends on fuel and activation in order to grow, adapt, & become more proficient in the required demands. 

If areas of the brain are driven through activity, they adapt to become stronger and better able to accomplish the task at hand.  Of course, the opposite is true as well.  Where there is less activity, there is regression and atrophy.  This is the principle of neuroplasticity.  The brain is a constantly adapting structure that depends on movement for energy and instruction.  You either use it or you lose it.”   

21st Century Factoid:  Movement deficiency is a leading cause of degenerative disease and early death.  Sedentary living, poor posture, and bad spinal health are actually worse for the brain than sugar, trans-fat, and excitotoxins such as MSG. 

Cerebellum: “Little brain,” constitutes just 10% of the total volume of the brain but amazingly, it contains over 50% of the neurons in the entire human brain.  The cerebellum’s job is to modify and adapt movement patterns to improve coordination and balance.  Incredibly, before any movement (even something as simple as bending over to pick up a pen) is even initiated, the cerebellum, through a feed-forward mechanism has already perceived the intended motion up to 6x and fires down to contract the core musculature to prepare for the anticipated movement. 

Hippocampus:  The Memory Center:  Movement is essential for a healthy hippocampus and enhanced levels of memory consolidation.  Dynamic exercise that uses novel techniques has been shown to rapidly improve memory centers as opposed to standard single-joint exercises.  This form of exercise has been shown to increase Growth Factor (IGF) and BDNF (bone-derived neurotrophic factor) which are essential for healthy neurons, formation of new neurons, synapses between neurons, and increased neuronal learning. 

Frontal Lobe:  The critical center for learning and emotional control.  The frontal lobe functions can be remembered with the 3 “T’s” for tension, tact, and tenacity.  Tension: The unique ability of a human to rise above emotional reactions, & selfish/primitative behaviors.  Tact:  The ability to understand and apply socially acceptable behaviors.  Tenacity:  The ability to focus on one thing for a period of time.

21st Century Factoid:  Children with ADHD are known to have retarded frontal cortices, thus they have an inability to apply the 3 T’s effectively.  Brain based exercise, along with nutritional, detoxification, and spinal corrective recommendations have been shown to be an extremely powerful tool for individuals with ADHD.
Exercise of the 21st Century:
The Cerebellum is driven through full body movements that are unique and challenging.  Novel exercises that utilize an unstable atmospheres such as balancing on 1 leg, using a stability ball, BOSU ball, alternating 1 leg stand’s, etc. incorporate an incredible level of cerebellar, hippocampal, and frontal lobe activity in order to maintain balance and coordination in such a dynamic environment.   A consistent diet of new, unstable, high demand exercises is an incredible super-star supplement for the cerebellum, frontal lobes, & hippocampus. 

Benefits of Brain Based Exercise:
            Improved coordination, balance, & skill
            Improved memory recall and speed of transmission
            Improved learning skills
            Improved emotional balance and control
            Improved focus & determination
Improved blood flow to the train, increasing neuronal metabolism, & neurotransmitter formation…thus anti-depressant effects (increased serotonin).
            Increased feelings of joy & euphoria

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Your Brain Depends on several key nutrients in order to function at a high level:
1.     High Level Nutrition
2.     Effective Hydration:  *Brain is 80% water*
3.     High Oxygen Consumption & Tissue Extraction
4.     Novel Movement Stimulation:  Holistic movements incorporating balance & stability. 
5.     Joint & Spinal Proprioception:  Full Range of motion in all joints is an essential brain nutrient that feeds the cerebellum, hippocampus, & frontal cortex.  
6.     Sunlight   (15-30 minutes daily):  Vitamin D3 has been shown to be a powerful immune and endocrine modulator
7.     Rest:  7-9 hours daily with optimal hours between 10pm – 2am.
8.     Detoxification
9.     Gratitude, Love, & Laughter
10.   Purpose Driven Thinking
Your brain absolutely needs all 10 of these vital components.  If any of these is compromised, brain function will suffer. 
Nutritionally:  The brain tissue is primarily comprised of water and fatty acids, therefore, the 2 most important aspects of a healthy brain diet are:  Clean Water & Clean Fats.  Beyond that, the brain tissue is extremely vulnerable to free-radical and inflammatory attack.  In order to protect the brain from oxidative stress, a diet rich in high-quality anti-oxidants is crucial.  
Antioxidant Rich Foods:  Dark green veggies such as collard greens, kale, swiss chard, spinach, broccoli, and many others.  These nutrient dense foods donate an unpaired electron to cancel out the dangerous free radicals and free roaming metabolites.  A diet rich in anti-oxidants has been shown to improve brain function substantially.  Here are some of the best:
Berries:  Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries are rich in vitamin C & other major phytochemicals that act as powerful anti-oxidants while also being low-glycemic and anti-inflammatory in nature. 
Vitamin E:  Eggs, Extra virgin olive oil, Almonds, Brazil nuts, Sunflower, Pumpkin Seeds & Hemp Seeds.  
Glutathione Rich Foods:  Undenatured Whey Protein, Asparagus, &  Avocados. are good sources that have been shown to elevate glutathione levels. 
Best Brain Based Fats:  The matter of the brain is 70% fat, therefore, outside of water this makes fat the most critical nutrient in the brain.  Here are the necessary fats that help to make a healthy brain. 
Saturated Fats:  Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil, Grass-fed meats. 
Alkaline Fats:  Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Avocados, Almonds
Omega 3 Fats:  High quality Fish Oil (Nordic naturals Omega 3), Krill Oil, Grass-Fed Meats, Wild Fish, Flax Oil, & Walnuts. 
GLA:  Gamma-Linoleic Acid in Borage Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, & Black Currant, & Hemp Oil.
Toxic Fats:  High Omega 6 fats & hydrogenated vegetable oils (trans-fats)  French researchers in 1994 found that dietary trans fatty acids did indeed find their way into the myelin (outer layer) of brain cells, where they changed the electrical conductivity of the cells. Furthermore, it was shown that trans-fats compete with Omega 3 fats for locations spots in the cell membrane.  This study and others have shown that when trans-fat incorporation is 2x greater when omega 3 fats are deficient.          Lipids 1994 April;29(4):251-8
Even worse for the brain is when we are eating trans-fats during pregnancy. This Canadian study showed the average lactating woman had 7.2% of the fatty acids in their breast milk being trans-fatty acids.  These trans-fats have a powerful affinity for the neuronal cell membrane.  Studies have shown trans-fats to consume location spots on the neuronal cell membrane, inhibiting EPA & DHA from their vital membrane functions, and thus causes a structural and functional change in the cell leading to chemical and electrical imbalances in the brain.  Lipids 1996 March;31 Suppl:S279-82
Clean Water:   The primary solvent in the brain is water and electrolytes.  Normal brain function requires a large amount of water and vital minerals such as magnesium, potassium, sodium, & calcium.  When the brain is dehydrated, electrical function is decreased, lower, energy efficient frequencies are established and higher level thought is turned off.  Lowered frequencies of thought and function lead to depression, sadness, laziness, and general fatigue.  Vital salts and clean water have been shown to restimulate the normal, healthy electrical brain frequencies. 
The Quality of Your Brain = The Quality of Your Experience of Life
If you have wondered how to boost your brain function, improve your memory, balance your emotions, control your mood and thoughts, and radically alter the quality of your life than this is the workshop for you. 
Exodus Health Center Monday, Nov. 2nd   7pm 
2750 Jiles Rd Kennesaw 770-420-0492 

Saturday, October 17, 2009

21st Century Hormonal Control

Dr. David Jockers     Exodus Health Center 

New Concepts For A New Age of Understanding:
As time passes and new discoveries are made, older ideas and concepts wash by the wayside as new and more progressive understandings of how the body’s systems are applied.  This is certainly true for the health, fitness, & weight loss industry. 

20th Century Weight Loss Myth:   Fat makes you Fat
This idea was sparked in large part due to the calorie model which stated that we needed to burn more calories than we consumed in order to effectively lose weight.  Because fat contains 9 calories per gram compared to 4 calories in carb/protein, fat was thought to be the easiest thing to remove from the diet. 

This false, yet widespread belief created a “Fat Phobia,” where the health conscious looked to avoid fat at all costs.  Where fat was chosen, it was often the cheap, inferior vegetable oils rather than the rich, nutritious animal and plant fats. 

Result:  The low fat diet craze focused on a heavy carbohydrate based diet.  These carbohydrates all broke down into sugar and triggered certain hormonal reactions in our body that turned us into sugar burning, fat storing machines.  In addition, this reduction in healthy fat consumption created severe fatty acid deficiencies, and massive hormonal, cognitive, and mood altering problems (since the brain and hormones are primarily made up of fat).  In response, the pharmaceutical demand for synthetic hormones, hormone replacements, anti-depressants, and anti-anxiety medications went through the roof.  In addition, people did not effectively lose weight, in fact, they often got even heavier.    

21st Century Weight Loss:  Hormones control weight gain/loss and the body’s ability to burn fat.  If we want to be lean, trim, & strong then we need to be mindful of these hormones, their pervasiveness and influence on bodily tissues. 

Pro-Inflammatory, Fat Storage Hormones: Insulin & Cortisol    
Primary, these hormones trigger either sugar burning/fat storage or fat burning/sugar storage pathways. 

Insulin:  The major storage hormone of the body.  Insulin triggers sugar to be stored in muscle and liver cells, once these cells are full, the rest of the sugar gets stored as fat. High circulating insulin levels also trigger inflammatory pathways in the body, increase cellular reproduction, and inhibit tumor destroying mechanisms.  These reactions allow cancerous cells to grow rapidly. 

Naturally, insulin should increase slowly during food consumption, taper and diminish 2 hours after the meal.  However, when we consume high glycemic foods, insulin levels spike rapidly to quickly remove blood sugar. This quickly causes a stress response in the body, initiating the inflammatory cascade.  High glycemic load foods such as whole grains are thought to be healthier, but they still cause a large increase in insulin that is slower than high glycemic index foods, but lasts for a longer duration.  The chronically heavy consumption of these carbohydrate rich foods will cause insulin levels to be elevated on a consistent basis.

Cortisol;  Released during times of stress, cortisol is designed, along with the catecholamines (epinephrine and norepinephrine), to give us an instant surge of energy.  It does so by releasing stored glucose within the liver and muscle cells for fuel utilization.  Naturally, cortisol should peak during the waking hours of the morning and taper as the day goes on.  However, when our body is under chronic physical, chemical, or emotional stress cortisol levels remain elevated during the course of the day, wreaking havoc on our body.  Elevated cortisol advances our aging process by promoting inflammation and breaking down proteins necessary for healthy skin, hair, nails, joints, & organs.     

Anti-Inflammatory, Fat Burning Hormones: Leptin, Testosterone & Growth Hormone

Leptin:  The antithesis to cortisol & insulin, leptin is released by the fat cells as they begin to enlarge and signals the hunger center in the hypothalamus to turn off, giving the individual a sense of satiety.  Leptin also stimulates a fat burning reaction in the body. The receptor sites in the hypothalamus are very sensitive to inflammatory mediators (cytokines) that when provoked will compete and alter the leptin receptors. 
The Modern Day Problem:  Our food guide pyramid emphasizes the consumption of cereals and grains, skim milk (lots of lactose sugars), and all kinds of supposedly healthy cereal bars, etc. that are loaded with high glycemic index/load foods that stimulate our body to burn sugar (glucose) as fuel. 

With elevated sugar comes the release of insulin to lower the blood sugar and fill up the liver, muscle, and fat cells.  High glycemic index (lots of glucose immediately) and load foods (lots of glucose released over a period of time), naturally stimulate the need for lots of insulin.  This causes a large burden on the pancreas to produce enough insulin.  Also, since insulin naturally stimulates the inflammatory pathway, cytokines interact with the leptin receptors in the hypothalamus causing a desensitivity in the leptin response of satiety and fat burning. 

This series of reactions swings our body into sugar burning mode.  Once insulin is finished lowering blood sugar, cortisol is released from the adrenal cortex to elevate blood sugar again (by metabolizing stores sugars in the muscle/liver and breaking down key proteins), which then releases more insulin causing blood sugar to dip and the pattern continues.  This insulin/cortisol tag-team continues to dominate our body until either a healthy fat/moderate protein meal is eaten, physical nerve stress is removed, or appropriate burst training exercise is performed to lower stress, balance blood sugar levels, & stimulate growth hormone and testosterone.

Eventually the insulin/cortisol reaction will continue to wreak daily havoc until we teach our bodies through proper nutrition, detox, exercise, postural, & breathing patterns to burn fat more effectively.  For most this will take a period of time as the hypothalamus must undergo a period of healing to allow the leptin receptors to take their rightful place and the cellular insulin receptors to regain sensitivity.  . 

Healing Diet = Healing Leptin/Insulin Receptors

            The healing diet is the advanced nutritional protocol for quieting down the inflammatory cascade and allowing the body to regain its natural sensitivity to these critical metabolic hormones.  The healing diet is highly beneficial for about 60% of the population, including anyone who has:
·         High Triglycerides
·         High Blood Pressure
·         High Glucose/Insulin/Leptin
·         Neurotoxicity
·         Genetics/Blood Type:  Blood type O, & protein/fat metabolic types
·         Wants to lose significant amount of weight

This Monday, join us at Exodus Health Center for an incredible workshop where you will learn how to prepare and sample the most incredible raw and living food recipes.  Discover the power of whole, raw and living foods and their ability to enhance immune function, cognitive abilities, daily energy, and the quality of your skin, hair, and nails.

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Monday, Oct. 19th 7pm 

Exodus Health Center
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21st Century Weight Loss

21st Century Weight Loss

Dr. David Jockers                 Exodus Health Center   

Weight loss is one of the hottest topics in the health and fitness industry.  There are thousands of programs, books, supplements, and foods marketed specifically for this. Some are great, however, far too many, in my opinion, are marketing gimics, quick fixes, toxic, and dangerous to society.   

As time passes and new discoveries are made, older ideas and concepts wash by the wayside as new and more progressive understandings of how the body’s systems are applied.  This is certainly true for the health, fitness, & weight loss industry. 

20th Century Weight Loss
The calorie model, which is a very simplistic and mechanistic model for how the body generates and utilizes energy has been the gold standard for decades. 
                           Calories In > Calories Out = Weight Gain

                          Calories In < Calories Out = Weight Loss
In the late 90’s, some new breakthrough’s were just being discovered that began shattering the age old calorie myth.  This new discovery was that certain critical hormones regulate how we utilize and store the fuel we eat.  What was of particular interest was that the way we eat, move, & think plays a powerful role on the hormones we secrete and how well our bodies will burn fat.

21st Century Weight Loss:  Hormones control weight gain/loss and the body’s ability to burn fat.  If we want to be lean, trim, & strong then we need to be mindful of these hormones, their pervasiveness and influence on bodily tissues. 

Pro-Inflammatory, Fat Storage Hormones: Insulin & Cortisol    
Primary, these hormones trigger either sugar burning/fat storage or fat burning/sugar storage pathways.  Although there are many hormones playing a role in this story, the major players are the following:

Anti-Inflammatory, Fat Burning Hormones: Leptin, Testosterone & Growth Hormone
Leptin is the hormone released by the fat cells that influences the hypothalamic satiety center and stimulate fat burning.  For more info on the amazing anti-aging effects of growth hormone, see an older article I attached. 

Exercise:  Major Rule:  What you burn for fuel (sugar/fat) in high proportion while you are working-out, you will burn the opposite after you finish working out.   

Ex;  High intensity exercise:  burns sugar, so after exercise you burn more fat.
                    Low-med intensity exercise:  Burns fat, so afterwards you burn sugar.

Best for physique & long-term health is to burn sugar during exercise and fat afterwards

1.  Classic Cardio:  This form of exercise consists of long duration low-medium intensity levels in an effort to burn as many calories as possible.
Pros:  Burn lots of calories, lots of fat, & enhances the bodies oxygen utilization systems.  Also triggers endorphin release – making you feel good. 

Cons:   Long duration exercises causes an increase in cortisol secretion and lower levels of fat-burning testosterone and growth hormone. 

Result:   You burn a lot of calories, and lots of fat while exercising, but trigger the release of cortisol the stress hormone that converts the body into sugar burning mode well after the completion of exercise.  Excessive cortisol over time will also deprive cells of vital nutrients and accelerate the aging process.

2.  Classic Bodybuilding Mode:  High volume (Lots of sets & reps), medium-long rest periods between sets, mostly individual muscle group isolation exercises (bicep curls).

Pros: Uses high intensity resistance training which builds strength, stamina, and a chiseled physique.  Also stronger bones

Cons: Time consuming, requires a fitness center with necessary equipment.  Lacks balance training, core stabilization, and high coordination exercises.  Does not incorporate cardiovascular components that elevate the heart rate for a sustained period of time. 

Result:  A chiseled physique without a high degree of coordination, balance, cardiovascular stamina, & core strength.  Often times this creates muscular imbalances and predisposes one to injuries. 

3.  Burst Training;  Short time, high intensity exercise stimulates the release of growth hormone and testosterone that allow you to burn fat and build muscle all day long.

Pros:   Takes minutes, enhances growth hormone and testosterone for high quality fat burning and anti-aging effects that last the next 36 hours.  Endorphin release leaves you full of energy and feeling good when you are done. 

            Cons:  Challenging. 

4.  Max-Fit;  Revolutionary program that utilizes high intensity resistance training performed with limited equipment in only 12 minutes a day.

            Elite Track;  6 days a week, 12 minutes a day
            Advanced Track:  3 days a week, 12 minutes a day

Pros; Free access, takes minutes, very limited equipment requirements (don’t need a gym), enhances growth hormone and testosterone for fat burning, muscle building, and other anti-aging effects.  Specifically trains you for strength, stamina, balance, coordination, and core stability while incorporating an elevated heart rate that provides incredible cardiovascular benefits.        

            Cons:  Challenging and requires either a DVD player or internet access.

You have a special opportunity to learn the most cutting-edge new tips for health, energy, & weight loss.  You will learn how to naturally balance stress hormones and improve your fat burning potential with simple, easy steps utilizing the most revolutionary information in nutrition, exercise, & lifestyle management.

All Attendees will have the opportunity to enroll in the MaxFit test group (research study) for absolutely no charge and engage in the most state-of-the-art exercise program in the world.   

21st Century Weight Loss
Exodus Health Center
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Monday, Oct. 12th   7pm 

This workshop is completely complimentary, all are welcome and encouraged to attend.