Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Thyroid Epidemic

As a health care practicioner, I am amazed at how often I hear about thyroid malfunction.  It is estimated that 10% of the US population suffers with thyroid problems with 95% of those being hypothyroid, where there is too little thyroid hormone being produced.  The other 5% of diagnosed thyroid disorders are hyperthyroid, as in excessive thyroid hormone production. 

Thyroid hormone stokes our metabolic furnaces causing increased heat production and energy formation. When thyroid production is low, energy levels as well as body heat are also low.  This also causes the heart to function at a reduced level of efficiency, resulting in low oxygen state within our tissues and cells.  This creates an environment prone to cancer development.  In addition, low thyroid is linked to high cholesterol, blood pressure abnormalities, other hormone dysregulations, etc. 

People with low thyroid levels often have a higher level of inertia and need a larger push to get up, get moving, and take proactive steps in their life.  This is clearly evidenced in older people who move so slowly that it seems like every action is a huge chore.  On the flip side, hyperthyroidism creates too much energy, leaving the individual hot, wired, and over anxious/stressed.      
The thyroid gland becomes sick when it is:  Toxic, Deficient, or both Toxic & Deficient. 

Common Toxicities.
1.   Fluoride that is in our water, toothpaste, & pesticides. 
2.  Soy Products
Three factors within soy that combine to block the production of thyroid hormone are Goitrogens, Genistein, and Phytates.

3)  Pesticides, Hydrocarbons, & Ionizing Radiation:  Allaffect hormone function.

4)  Heavy Metal Toxicity:  Heavy metals such as mercury (vaccines, amalgum fillings, fish, high fructose corn syrup, etc.) cross the blood brain barrier & have a high affinity for the hypothalmus.  
Common Deficiencies:
:  An essential mineral for production of T3 & T4. 
 Zinc:  Zinc is usually high in hyperthyroid disorders & low in hypothyroid disorders.
 Selenium:  Selenium is an active part of an enzyme needed for the thyroid gland to effectively produce the T3 & T4 hormones.
Copper: Copper stimulates the production of the thyroxine hormone (T4), and prevents over-absorption of T4 in the blood cells by controlling the body's calcium levels (Calcium is required for the stabilization of cell membranes and reduces cell permeability).
Nerve Supply:  A deficiency in proper C7 (the nerve that brings life, healing, & function to the thyroid) nerve supply, forward head posture, and advanced spinal degeneration leads to an accumulation of abnormal thyroid cells that function poorly.  
 EPA & DHA are necessary for healthy gland function.
 Vitamin D deficiency:  Vit D and thyroid hormones both bind to similar steroidreceptors. Vit D has a pro-hormone function, enhancing the bodies entire endocrine response.
 Dehydration causes lowered thyroid metabolism.

Thyroid hormone abnormalities are a common day epidemic that is growing to extraordinary levels. The great news is that God created our bodies with an incredible ability to heal.  Learn how to prevent or reverse thyroid problems and stoke your metabolism, your hormone function, and your ability to maximize energy production and maintain a healthy weight.