Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Healthy Hormones

"As a species, we're on a fast track to extinction," says Ori Hofmekler, author of The Anti-Estrogenic Diet. "In the past few decades, men have lost 50% of their sperm count and within only one generation, the average man's sperm count and testosterone have dropped by 20%. Women are no better. Staggering figures show that most women today are suffering from female disorders and three out of ten women between the ages of 35 to 60 will develop breast cancer."
In spite of the ever growing number of diets, health products, medications and drugs, in spite of the billions of dollars annually spent on health care, people are getting fatter and sicker than ever before with ever growing rates of sterility, obesity, diabetes and cancer among men, women and even children.
"If the human species were an animal, zoologists will render us as a species becoming to be extinct," says Hofmekler.  As a health care practitioner, I see countless men & women coming in daily with all kinds of hormone based issues. Something is seriously wrong with our current level of hormonal health.  So what's to blame?   
The over reliance on highly processed, chemically-laden industry based goods and products seems to be the major culprit.    Xenoestrogens are artificially made compounds produced by industry.  These differ chemically from archiestrogens (naturally occurring) produced by living organisms.  
Xenoestrogens mimic the effects of true estrogen and interact with cellular receptor sites.  This process contributes to estrogen excess and blocks the effects of true estrogen. To make matters worse, these endocrine disruptors lodge in fat cells where they are resistant to breakdown.  Many of these chemicals will act in a synergistic effect when combined with other endocrine disrupters.  This synergistic process exponentially enhances their effects within the body causing major problems at the cellular level.
The most common sources of xenoestrogens include: 
a.       Commercially-Raised Animal Products: 
b.      Plastics & Canned Goods 
c.       Personal Care Products
d.      Oral Contraceptives
e.       Pharmaceutical medications
f.       Food Additives & preservatives
g.      Styrofoam products
h.      Laundry & Dishwashing detergents
i.        Household cleaners & air fresheners
j.       Pesticides & Herbicides
Take back control of your hormonal health by following these recommendations:
Minimize the Usage of Endocrine Disruptors as much as Possible.  Get off all oral contraceptives, hormone creams, and hormone based prescription medications, etc.  You should consult your doctor about this and weaning stages may be necessary.  

Stabilize Your Blood Sugar:  Unstable blood sugar causes enhanced fat storage, decreased cellular detoxification and hormone signaling.  The healing diet is critical for quick effective blood sugar stabilization.

Do a Quarterly Detox:  Begin by cleansing the liver & gallbladder so they can effectively transport excess estrogen out of the system.  Enhance your estrogen metabolism with key nutrients & herbs.  Finally, support the pituitary gland with adequate rest, movement, and nutritional components.  
Maximize Your Nerve Supply:  Be sure that the brain-body pathway is clear and free of interference.  This maximizes internal repair mechanisms. With a healthy nervous system, the glands and tissues are able to self-detoxify and eliminate poisonous chemicals.  Forward head posture and loss of the natural curve in the neck dramatically affect this self-detoxification process.  

Burst Training:  High intensity exercise opens detoxification pathways (sweating), enhances cellular oxygenation, stabilizes blood sugar, and promotes reparative hormones among other things.  Additionally, it allows the body to burn fat more effectively and metabolize excess estrogen molecules.