Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Life of Purpose

This time of year, I always take time to read through and watch both the Passover story and the Resurrection story.  When I center on the common themes within these stories, I am energized with a sense of hope and a stronger and deeper sense of faith.

To think of the incredible level of faith and trust Moses had to stand-up to the most powerful worldly leader of the day; Pharaoh, and demand freedom for his people.  The courage it took to be resilient even after Pharaoh continually denied his requests.  The love that Moses had for God and his people that he would risk everything to continuously confront and infuriate Pharaoh to accomplish the mission God sent him here for.

The Israelites on the other hand, were living in a midst of disorganization and chaos.  They witnessed multiple miracles and God deliver them from slavery.  Despite all of this, they questioned God, made faithless and dishonorable decisions that took them further from the future desired for them.  Fortunately, Moses was a powerful and convicted leader and continually pursued deeper into the wilderness, pressing toward the Promised Land, despite the never-ending bickering and backlash of his own people.  He was a man on a mission straight from God.

I think of Christ, knowing his fate, pressing into his fear and going forward in absolute faith and trust.  Allowing his body to be brutalized, knowing that God had the greatest plan of all hidden within his tears and cries of agony.  

Our individual lives are often times disordered and chaotic.  Left to our individual whims & desires, we become like the Israelites, who had seen God perform miracles, yet continually strayed away from His word.   They abandoned their identity to chase after the symbol/idol that fulfilled their self-gratifying desires of the moment.

Much the same way today, our society teaches us to chase after what makes us feel good in the moment, rather than live the disciplined and faith-filled life of our biblical patriarchs.  Instead, we fill our lives with all kinds of toys and trots, pills, potions, lotions, and other self-gratifying desires in order to find happiness.  The result is a society that is filled with the 4 D's:  Debt, Depression, Disease, and Divorce.
Nothing from the outside-in will ever bring us closer to our potential.  It is only by allowing what God already put within us to shine bright and fully express itself through us that will lead us closer to Him.  

We need less stuff and more of God in our lives to bring peace and order to our day.
  Everything else just interferes with the process.

I truly believe that God has a gigantic purpose for everyone on this planet, but it is how well we anchor with absolute faith into that purpose and continually infuse it with joy, love, and hope that allows us to fulfill His dream for our lives.

For One Week:

Ask God in the morning to infuse you with life, health, and healing this day.  To lead, guide, & direct all of your steps and to use you to fulfill the dream He has for your life.  Then before every action, commit it to God, and let go of the result.

Our Purpose:

As a human being sent from God for a specific purpose at this particular time in history, I feel real pain at the core of my spirit when I see people making neglectful decisions, abusing themselves, their bodies, and their future.  That is why I wake up burning with passion every morning to teach and encourage the principle of life and health God's way into those I come across.

I believe each of us has been placed here with a specific purpose in our lives, and we are born with everything we need to successfully complete our missions during our lifetime.  Our bodies are the vehicles we have been given with which to perform our duties and reach our destinies.  As such, it is our responsibility to take supreme care of ourselves.

In order for you to keep your body functioning and growing stronger every day, your Life Energy must be able to comprehend and respond to everything in your internal and external environments, and THAT requires a clear neurological connection between your brain and all the parts of your body.  Damage to your spine & nervous system interferes with the very process of life causing our bodily systems to grow weaker and degenerate faster.

When someone comes in to see me, I ask God to give me a picture of where their life is headed if they do not take action, and where their life will be if they do take action.  My prayer is that I can be a powerful and convicted force (Moses) to help lead them toward the promised land of health and healing.

As a health coach, I believe the most important elements I can get across to any individual are:

1.      Understanding that there are no accidents or coincidences, but that through every circumstance, God is opening windows of opportunity to bless and fill your life.

2.      Love for the very temple that God created especially for us; our bodies; to house the spirit He infused within.

3.      Faith that God created our bodies to heal themselves so long as we honor His temple.

4.      Hope that no matter what has happened in the past, if we repent (change) of our ways, discipline ourselves and do the right things starting now; our future will be better later.

5.      Joy in the process and life-long journey of building health and growing towards our potential.

6.      Courage to stand-up for what is right, regardless of what anyone else may think, say, or do.

7.      Promise that God has something beyond anything you can think, dream, or even imagine in store for your life if you will let Him take the lead.