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21st Century Weight Loss

21st Century Weight Loss

Dr. David Jockers                 Exodus Health Center   

Weight loss is one of the hottest topics in the health and fitness industry.  There are thousands of programs, books, supplements, and foods marketed specifically for this. Some are great, however, far too many, in my opinion, are marketing gimics, quick fixes, toxic, and dangerous to society.   

As time passes and new discoveries are made, older ideas and concepts wash by the wayside as new and more progressive understandings of how the body’s systems are applied.  This is certainly true for the health, fitness, & weight loss industry. 

20th Century Weight Loss
The calorie model, which is a very simplistic and mechanistic model for how the body generates and utilizes energy has been the gold standard for decades. 
                           Calories In > Calories Out = Weight Gain

                          Calories In < Calories Out = Weight Loss
In the late 90’s, some new breakthrough’s were just being discovered that began shattering the age old calorie myth.  This new discovery was that certain critical hormones regulate how we utilize and store the fuel we eat.  What was of particular interest was that the way we eat, move, & think plays a powerful role on the hormones we secrete and how well our bodies will burn fat.

21st Century Weight Loss:  Hormones control weight gain/loss and the body’s ability to burn fat.  If we want to be lean, trim, & strong then we need to be mindful of these hormones, their pervasiveness and influence on bodily tissues. 

Pro-Inflammatory, Fat Storage Hormones: Insulin & Cortisol    
Primary, these hormones trigger either sugar burning/fat storage or fat burning/sugar storage pathways.  Although there are many hormones playing a role in this story, the major players are the following:

Anti-Inflammatory, Fat Burning Hormones: Leptin, Testosterone & Growth Hormone
Leptin is the hormone released by the fat cells that influences the hypothalamic satiety center and stimulate fat burning.  For more info on the amazing anti-aging effects of growth hormone, see an older article I attached. 

Exercise:  Major Rule:  What you burn for fuel (sugar/fat) in high proportion while you are working-out, you will burn the opposite after you finish working out.   

Ex;  High intensity exercise:  burns sugar, so after exercise you burn more fat.
                    Low-med intensity exercise:  Burns fat, so afterwards you burn sugar.

Best for physique & long-term health is to burn sugar during exercise and fat afterwards

1.  Classic Cardio:  This form of exercise consists of long duration low-medium intensity levels in an effort to burn as many calories as possible.
Pros:  Burn lots of calories, lots of fat, & enhances the bodies oxygen utilization systems.  Also triggers endorphin release – making you feel good. 

Cons:   Long duration exercises causes an increase in cortisol secretion and lower levels of fat-burning testosterone and growth hormone. 

Result:   You burn a lot of calories, and lots of fat while exercising, but trigger the release of cortisol the stress hormone that converts the body into sugar burning mode well after the completion of exercise.  Excessive cortisol over time will also deprive cells of vital nutrients and accelerate the aging process.

2.  Classic Bodybuilding Mode:  High volume (Lots of sets & reps), medium-long rest periods between sets, mostly individual muscle group isolation exercises (bicep curls).

Pros: Uses high intensity resistance training which builds strength, stamina, and a chiseled physique.  Also stronger bones

Cons: Time consuming, requires a fitness center with necessary equipment.  Lacks balance training, core stabilization, and high coordination exercises.  Does not incorporate cardiovascular components that elevate the heart rate for a sustained period of time. 

Result:  A chiseled physique without a high degree of coordination, balance, cardiovascular stamina, & core strength.  Often times this creates muscular imbalances and predisposes one to injuries. 

3.  Burst Training;  Short time, high intensity exercise stimulates the release of growth hormone and testosterone that allow you to burn fat and build muscle all day long.

Pros:   Takes minutes, enhances growth hormone and testosterone for high quality fat burning and anti-aging effects that last the next 36 hours.  Endorphin release leaves you full of energy and feeling good when you are done. 

            Cons:  Challenging. 

4.  Max-Fit;  Revolutionary program that utilizes high intensity resistance training performed with limited equipment in only 12 minutes a day.

            Elite Track;  6 days a week, 12 minutes a day
            Advanced Track:  3 days a week, 12 minutes a day

Pros; Free access, takes minutes, very limited equipment requirements (don’t need a gym), enhances growth hormone and testosterone for fat burning, muscle building, and other anti-aging effects.  Specifically trains you for strength, stamina, balance, coordination, and core stability while incorporating an elevated heart rate that provides incredible cardiovascular benefits.        

            Cons:  Challenging and requires either a DVD player or internet access.

You have a special opportunity to learn the most cutting-edge new tips for health, energy, & weight loss.  You will learn how to naturally balance stress hormones and improve your fat burning potential with simple, easy steps utilizing the most revolutionary information in nutrition, exercise, & lifestyle management.

All Attendees will have the opportunity to enroll in the MaxFit test group (research study) for absolutely no charge and engage in the most state-of-the-art exercise program in the world.   

21st Century Weight Loss
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This workshop is completely complimentary, all are welcome and encouraged to attend.