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Natural Cancer Cures

Dr. David Jockers         Exodus Health Center

United States Cancer Rate:  41%

Hunzan Cancer Rate:  .019%

The Quality of Your Life Comes Down to the Questions You Ask Yourself.

In 1952, a biochemist named Dr. Ernst Krebb Jr. asked himself, “Why do people develop cancer?”  He figured that cancer was a metabolic reaction to a poor diet, and a missing nutrient could be the key to preventing and reversing cancer.    

Instead of studying disease, he decided to study health.  He looked at the Hunzas of India, a tribe renowned for aging.  An interesting part of their diet was a large consumption of apricot seed kernels, which were locked inside the hard pit of the fruit.  The unique nutrient he isolated within the apricot kernals was amagdylin.  Dr. Krebb later named the vitamin B17.  He then created a semi-synthetic form named Laetrile and patented it as a cancer cure. 

Amagdylin is classified nutritionally as a nitrioloside.  This substance contains 2 parts glucose, one benzaldyhide, and one part cyanide.  Cyanide and benzaldyhide are poisons if they are released as free molecules.  However, when these molecules are bound to others, they remain inert.  Many foods contain the poisons but remain safe because they remain bound.

Normal cells have an enzyme called rhodanese, called the “locking enzyme,” to catch and neutralize any free cyanide molecules.  This happens by binding cyanide to a sulfur group, which then passes right through the kidneys and is expelled in urine without any bodily harm.   Cancer cells respond differently, due to the action of a critical enzyme, beta-glucosidase.  This enzyme, has been called the “unlocking enzyme” for amagdylin molecules.  This enzyme releases both the benzaldyhide and the cyanide, creating a massive poisonous reaction. 

This combination of locking and unlocking enzymes found in normal cells and cancerous cells allows for amagdylin to destroy the cancer cells without any harm being done to normal cells.  Typical medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation destroy normal cells as well as healthy cells, causing many unwanted symptoms, and very often killing the individual before the cancer does. 

Best sources of amagdylin can be found at

Why Is This Not Mainstream, Why Are People Not Using This Technology?

The Cancer business is a $200 billion a year enterprise, that focuses on man-made technology.  Anything from nature, in its pure God-form cannot be patented, therefore, nobody owns the sole rights to the product.  Chemotherapy drugs, radiation procedures, and surgeries are much more profitable.  However, if the cancer industry was really effective at eliminating cancer – we wouldn’t have it anymore.  Instead, we have more cancer than ever before and more $ spent on cancer treatment every year.

Both G. Edward Griffin with World Without Cancer and Phillip Day in his book Cancer: Why We're Still Dying to Know the Truth, make it very clear that the cancer industry does not really want a cure. A true cure for cancer, will cost them trillions that they will make just managing people with the condition.  Most in our society are so brainwashed they pour tons of $ into these non-profit cover organizations for the Big Pharma industry.  Most of these  non-profit organizations have key people working for 6 figure plus annual salaries all thanks to our generous giving to the industry of disease and death. 

Why Does Exodus Health Center Get Amazing Results?

The reason is simple…we ask the right questions.

Health = Purity & Sufficiency at the Cellular Level
Disease = Toxicity or Deficiency at the Cellular Level

All Human Beings Need Certain Essential Components for true Health & Healing.

1.       A pure & sufficient diet that is versatile, and full of natural fruits and vegetables, many (at least 75%) in their raw and unprocessed state.
2.      Natural sunshine, the human battery charger, and optimal Vit D levels
3.      Hydration homeostasis with lots of clean water and energy charged salts.
4.      A slightly alkaline pH level, blood 7.365, urine: 6.0-7.0  saliva: 6.5-7.5
5.      A non-toxic environment free of pollutants and contaminants. 
6.      Healthy movement patterns that challenge our muscles to grow & adapt, and stimulate our system to produce high levels of human growth hormone.   
7.      A Nervous System free and clear of interference in the form of spinal misalignments.  This master control system governs and controls all other function, therefore it is the trunk of the wellness tree to life & health. 

Above and beyond all, I am absolutely committed to learning and growing as a doctor, a practitioner, and a human being.  Those in my office know that I love them and care about them as if they were my very own flesh & blood.  I will do everything in my power, knowledge, and expertise to help you and your loved ones reach your highest health goals.  There are so many innocent people being misled, sick, suffering, & dying in front of us…together let’s empower people with the truth!

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