Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Alkalize & Hydrate for Incredible Energy

Water is one of the most critical elements to life.   In our earliest stage of development we are nearly 100% water and as the fetus develops it continues to be surrounded by a water based solution.  At birth we are approximately 80% water, as we go through our developmental stages, we lose some water and gain more mineral and protein density.  The average adult should be around 60-70% water, however, most become chronically dehydrated and drop around 45-60% water.  This creates problems in the body, that overtime, turn into chronic conditions.  

The chemical reactions in all plants and animals that support life take place in anionized water medium. Water not only provides the medium to make these life sustaining reactions possible, but water itself is often an important reactant or product of these reactions. In short, the chemistry of life is water chemistry  

At the cellular level, water plays a significant role alongside cholesterol and saturated fat as the very bonding adhesives in the cell membrane.  Together these important structures keep the cell strong and help it to resist toxic and infectious invasion. 

Some of the critical roles water plays in the body include:
1.      A medium for every metabolic (energy producing) reaction in the body
2.      A generator of hydro-electric & magnetic energy within the cell giving the body the power to live &  function (the bodies most efficient energy sources)
3.      A fluid to capture and pull out toxins in the urine and feces
4.      Lubricates and protects joints, organs, & tissues
5.      Expands sacromeres (muscle cell units) allowing for optimal cross-bridge attachment and greater muscular power, strength, & endurance.
6.      Electrolyte balance within and out of the cell.

Most people in our society carry an excess of acidic wastes.  This creates a significant burden in the body.  The blood stream must be at a 7.365 pH level, if it rises or falls one tenth of a pH unit, it's cause for a visit to the hopital's intensive care unit.  If blood pH moves two tenths either way, it's lethal.  and there is a very sensitive buffer system in place to maintain this. Therefore, the body does whatever it must in order to maintain a steady blood pH
Result:  Alkaline buffering minerals are stripped from:
                     Our bones & teeth (calcium)        
                     Our muscles & nerves (potassium)
                     Our arteries (magnesium)           
                     Our joints (sodium)
                     Excess acidity = stored in fat cells

Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism  Jan '09
"When fruits and vegetables are metabolized they add bicarbonate, an alkaline compound, to the body," said lead author Dr. Dawson Hughes.  "Our study found that bicarbonate had a favourable effect on bone reabsorption and calcium excretion.  This suggests that increasing the alkali content of the diet may attenuate bone loss in healthy older adults."

Other research has shown that cancer thrives in an acidic, low oxygen environment.  Heart disease and blood vessel disorders
ed to low magnesium levels in the smooth muscle within the arteries, and joint degeneration is attributed to poor sodium and fluid content within the synovium that surrounds the joint.  All of these effects are due to the common cause of excess acidic wastes within the tissues of our body.  The contributing effect is a life cut short by lifestyle based degeneration and disease.   

On the Flip Side:  High-altitude mountainous cultures such as the Hunzas in Pakistan and the Vilcabambians of Southern Ecuador have been some of the healthiest, longest lived people in the world   Many have lived over 120 years, even up to 150 long, strong, and vibrant years. One of the unique things about these people has to do with their water supply. Most of their water comes into the villages from snow melt where it picked up highly alkaline minerals in the natural colloidal form as it passed through the mountains on its way down to the villages. Therefore, the water these vibrant cultures were consuming contained an alkaline pH. Based on this notion, alkalized water is one of the best ways of regaining your pH balance.

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