Sunday, December 27, 2009

Real Community Heroes

A recent report titled, "Health Timebomb hits Baby Boomers,"discusses how those over 60 are suffering more illness today than ever before in history.  Recent studies have shown that 1 in 5 Americans who are 60-something needed help with basic day to day activities.  That number is up more than 50% on studies done on 60 year-olds a decade earlier.  In addition, they are 70% more likely to have difficulty walking from room - room, getting in and out of bed and eating or dressing than the 60 year olds of 1999.   
If that isn't enough, they were 50% more likely to have trouble walking a quarter of a mile or climbing 10 steps without a rest than the 60 year olds of 1999.  Although medicine is amazing at keeping us alive longer, we are devolving as species.  The truth is that people are getting sicker and degenerating faster today than ever before in history.
Something needs to be done.  This is why God has called a number of people up at this critical time in history to stand up against this modern day plague by passionately teaching the natural healing principles of God.  
In the beginning of the 20th century, true heroes rose up against imperialism and tyrannous political leaders, in the 60's, against segregation, in the 80-90's against apartheid in South Africa.  The respected leaders, Ghandi, MLK, & Mandella, and those who both led alongside and followed with them are heroes for sacrificing their own comfort & security for what God says is the right thing to do.     
The definition of hero is "protector" or "defender."  True heroes are those in our society who are out defending and protecting what is noble & right, not as defined by man, but by God. 
I believe that when it comes to health there are certain natural, God-given principles of health & healing that must be protected.  Our society has neglected these principles, desecrated the very temple God provided for their spirit, and created an abomination with their bodies.  The inevitable result is an epidemic of sickness, disease, & needless suffering. 
Many of the Community Heroes today are those who stand up against one of the biggest modern plagues of our time...medicalization.  People today are sicker, more toxic, and on more drugs than ever before in history.  Unless we the people, step up and spread this message of health & healing God's way...these numbers are only going to continue to get worse.  Yes, that means that you and your family will be dramatically affected by this if they have not already. 
Community Hero's are modern day prophets, who are foretelling their friends/family and circle of influence what is going to happen if changes are not made.  Community Hero's are not swayed by the media, the environment, peer pressure, or what is popular. 
They stand-up in the face of persecution, often from those they love the most, and continue to press-on.  Community hero's have amazing perseverance, for they know the truth, and the understand that the truth must be defended at all costs.  At the end of days, it is the Community Hero's who will have lasting peace, knowing that their life stood for something incredible. 
"The fruit of righteousness is peace, the effect of righteousness is quietness & confidence forever."      Isaiah 32:17
Many of the people that read this newsletter are Community Heroes, and for that I want to solute you.  It is through the encouragement and inspiration of you brave and strong individuals that make my life's mission so much more fun and enjoyable. 
At Exodus Health Center, we will be honoring several community heroes who are true leaders in this region.  They're volunteer commitment to teaching the natural principles of health & healing along with encouraging the people they know is inspiring.  They pursue through challenges with nothing more to gain than the excitement of seeing those in their circle of influence reap the fruit of amazing health. 
Special Blessings to all who have taken up this great & mighty endeavor to teach the world where True Health comes from!