Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The NY Times just recently came out with an article titled, "Questioning a $30,000 a month cancer drug."  This article discusses the latest cancer treatments and their price on society.  The drug at question is Folotyn, which is a specialized drug that has just been approved by the FDA to treat peripheral T-cell lymphoma, a rare and usually aggressive blood cancer that takes 5,600 American victims each year.  Other notable cancer drugs include:
Avastin:          $8,800/mth  for lung cancer
Erbitux:          $10,000/mth for colon cancer
Clolar:            $34,000/wk for pediatric leukemia
Campath:       $5,000/wk for chronic lymphocytic leukemia
            Arzerra:          $98,000 for 6 month treatment for chronic   lymphocytic leukemia.

If any of these drugs actually "cured," cancer, there would be no question of the value, but the reality is that none of them have been proven to increase cancer survival.  In fact, according to the NY Times, these drugs are said to only provide a few extra months of life at best.
In the clinical trial that led to the approval of Folotyn, only 27% of the 109 patients who took it experienced a reduction in tumor sizeand only 12% had a reduction in tumor size that lasted more than 14 weeks.  That isn't quite convincing evidence, especially since it wasn't tested against a placebo or a competitive drug.  Throw on the side effects, including nausea, constipation, chronic coughing, and swelling and it makes it quite a bargain. 
Yet, the economic rule is that you can't sell it if people won't buy it. The reality is that people are doing whatever they have too to buy their cancer drugs, chemotherapy treatments, and radiation therapies.  Our society is paying hefty insurance premiums, throwing fundraisers, and soliciting donations for the people we know dealing with these preventable and naturally "curable," diseases.  It is rather absurd if you really think about it. 
The unfortunate reality is that these doctors, hospitals, and drug companies are able to get away with this for 2 major reasons:
1)       Our society still esteems medical doctors as the hierarchy of health professionals.  The medical profession has been treated like God's for way to long. This is strange when they learn very little about basic preventative steps such as nutrition, exercise, detoxification, good posture and breathing habits.

2)      Urgency creates Value.  As a society we are "reactive" in our thinking.  This means that we tend to wait until there is a problem - and then spend 10x more to fix the problem.   The truly intelligent, spend along the way to maintain their car, house, family, education, and health. They avoid problems, maintain high level of quality in all of these areas, and save boatloads of $ in the long-run.

The Solution:  Here are my recommendations for saving time, energy, & money and improving your physical health, preventing disease, and enjoying a high quality of life. 

1.      Shop Intelligently:  People are always shocked when they first begin to purchase organic products.  They were used to their toxic alternatives (which was really poison that was only posing as real food.  Wow, not much different than the cancer drugs, chemotherapy, & radiation.  (Poison that is posing as real credible treatments for cancer).  Buying clean is an incredibly intelligent decision, but it takes strategic planning to make it work long-term. 
a.      Buy In-Season & Look For Deals in the Store.
b.      Shop at Farmers Markets & Network with Local Farmers
c.      Biggest Money Wasters:
                                                                          i.      Dressings/sauces - You can make them much cheaper & better. 
                                                                        ii.      Drinks - Best to drink clean water
                                                                      iii.      Eating Out = You can make something cheaper & better
d.       Biggest Money Savers:
                                                                         i.      Organic, Free Range Eggs:  Superfood that is extremely cheap $3 a dozen. Poach, scramble, sunny side up, or raw...these are great. 
                                                                       ii.      Avocado's in Season:  $1 a piece for a calorie dense, alkalizing superfood is great. 
                                                                      iii.      Coconut Milk/Flakes:  Another superfood that is cheap and tasty. 

2.      Correct Any Problems Now:  If you currently have a health condition or a problem with your spine/nervous system, your diet, stress, etc.  get it fixed now.  Most people tend to put off their problems until they can no longer function at the level they are comfortable with. At this point a level of urgency arises and they take action.  This isn't a plan for long-term health in any facet of life, much less your physical health.    

Invest today in correcting the underlying causes (toxicity/deficiency) behind your health conditions and move on with your life, enjoying the blessings that follow this incredibly wise decision.       
3.      Get Moving:  Quality exercise is something easy that you do not even need to pay for.  Gyms & home equipment are great, but if you are looking for health on a budget try the following:
a.       5-5-5 Burst Training Plan:  Warm-up for 5 min, do 30/30 intervals at a high intensity for 5 min and then cool-down for 5 min.  Short and intense is the secret to fitness success
b.      Get a Stability Ball with an exercise chart. These are terrific for building upper/lower and core strength, while improving balance and coordination.

4.      Don't Sweat the Little Things:    Excessive levels of mental/emotional stress is as toxic as anything else.  99% of what we stress-out over is typically a small detail that is not that important in the long-term.  Be strong and courageous, and know that if we are doing what God says is right then all the angels in Heaven are working on our side.  There is nothing to fear or stress about. Plan and prepare as best as possible and then let God take care of the rest.   

5.       Get To Sleep:  Powerful healing takes place as you dose off.  This is the time your body uses its energy reserves to destroy cancer cells, detoxify the liver/gallbladder, and regenerate healthy cells.  The most critical hours of healing take place between 10pm and 2am, when your body secretes abundant amounts of growth hormone (so long as insulin/cortisol are not elevated).  Be sure to go to sleep early and rest well.

Insomnia, or trouble sleeping is one of the number one complaints in our society today.  This is deadly, as those who have trouble sleeping are over twice as likely of dying young from a preventable degenerative disease such as cancer.  Find out the cause (poor diet, mental/emotional stress, nerve stress/subluxation, neurotoxicity, or Rx drug side effects) and take immediate action to get it corrected.    

Preventing disease and improving/maintaining incredibly high levels of energy and vitality is the greatest investment you can make in your future.  With compound interest, taking appropriate action steps as I listed above can save you over a million dollars during the course of your life. 
Do You Want Practical Tips For A Healthy & Happy Holiday?

Learn and enjoy some amazing recipes for a healthy and tasty  holiday party season.  I will be making a super deluxe egg-nog that is extraordinarily healthy and incredibly delicious.  We will have several other recipes on board as well.  Bring your friends with you to this fun and festive night of creative, enjoyable, & innovative holiday recipes.

Healthy Holiday Recipe Night
Monday, December 21st   7pm 
Exodus Health Center
2750 Jiles Rd  Kennesaw 30144