Friday, November 6, 2009

7 Keys To Healthy Hormones

Homeodynamic Equilibrium is a term describing the body’s ability to create a naturally balanced set point that is continually adapting to the demands of the environment. 
This is health, the body’s ability to adapt, function, and heal at an incredibly high level.   Sickness & disease are caused by chinks in the body’s ability to adapt that have grown too large.  These chinks are caused by a deficiency in something the body needs, and/or a toxicity in something the body either does not need, or has too much of. 
Hormones, are key molecules in the body’s innate healing and adaption processes.  Here are the critical factors to maintaining healthy hormone balance.
Balance Your MicroFlora:  20% of thyroid function (the necessary conversion of T4 to T3) depends on a healthy gut flora.  Poor diet and high stress can lead to dysbiosis, an overabundance of bad bacteria, creating a rancid and overly acidic environment that hampers thyroid function.  In addition, dysbiosis also distorts the ability to successfully eliminate unnecessary estrogen from our system.  This has been shown to lead to high levels of estrogen that are out of ratio with other key hormones such as progesterone.  Such an imbalance causes states of estrogen dominance that are highly detrimental to the body. 

Stabilize Your Vitamin D Levels:  The second major immune and hormone modulator is vitamin D.   This powerful nutrient is incorrectly named, for its value goes far beyond simple vitamin qualities.  It is now thought of as a pro-hormone in that it is not only a pre-curser (building block) for certain hormones, but a regulator of hormonal secretions.  In addition, it also maintains healthy immune responses by decreasing inflammatory mediators and tightly controlling auto-immune reactions.
Avoid Gluten:  The common protein found in wheat, barley, oats, spelt, kamut, & rye is practically ubiquitous in our society.  A component of gluten, gliadin, has been shown to increase the permeability of the intestinal wall, causing gaps, and gluten and other such molecules to enter the blood stream.  This is called “leaky gut,” and is one of the leading factors behind auto-immune conditions. 

Some scientists, such as gluten researcher Dr. Kenneth Fine, estimate intolerances to gluten to be up to 81% of Americans.  While some may have digestive discomfort, colitis, & Celiac disease,  most do not.  However, many experience inflammation in the skin (excema & psoriasis), joints (arthritis), respiratory tract (asthma, allergies) and brain (brain fog, poor memory, dizziness, etc.).  Surprisingly, the molecular structure of gluten is very similar to that of the thyroid gland.  Interestingly enough, gluten intolerance is a leading cause and/or contributing factor in auto-immune thyroid disorders.  This is obviously a scenario of mistaken identity.  The key to normalizing this immune response is to avoid gluten all together and stabilize the immune system with Probiotics, vitamin D, and healthy nerve supply.    

Stabilize Blood Sugar:  Blood sugar imbalances and the hormone cascade that follows causes an increased stress response in the body, promotes inflammatory conditions, and drains the adrenals of their critical energy producing hormones.  A diet high in processed foods, sugars, and grains is a hormone train wreck about to happen.  Stabilize your blood sugar by focusing primarily on good fat sources, fresh vegetables, low glycemic fruits such as berries, and healthy protein sources such as free roaming eggs, grass-fed beef, turkey, chicken, & bison.   
Critical Antioxidants, Minerals, & Fatty Acids:  Antioxidants such as glutathione, selenium, anthocyanids, and B vitamins play a huge role in providing support for hormonal delivery.  Some of the most vital minerals necessary for hormone function include zinc, magnesium, and iodine.  Fatty Acids are the raw materials for many hormones and create certain energetic frequencies for which they are best absorbed into the cells.  The critical fatty acids at play are medium chain saturated fats such as lauric, mystic, and caprylic acids, the long chain omega 3’s EPA/DHA, and the “healthy” omega 6 fatty acid, GLA. 

Reduce Toxic Loads:  Many pesticide/herbicides, air pollutants, cleaning products, personal care products, processed foods, contraceptives, and plastics contain formulated estrogen or estrogen mimickers that skew the critical balance of estrogen/progesterone.  In addition, many of these products block thyroid hormone production and increase adrenal stress.  Although it is impossible critical essential to healthy hormone function is to minimize the “toxic load,” you are exposed to daily. 

Improve Posture & Nerve Supply:  Forward head posture and loss of the natural curve in the neck region puts significant stress on the nerves that control blood supply to the brain.  This increased stress causes low oxygen content in the brain, hypothalamus, and pituitary gland (key hormonal control centers).  In addition, the nerves in the lower neck region supply the thyroid gland.  Postural stress has been thought to cause dysfunction in this region.

Optimizing nerve supply and oxygen content to both the vital centers in the brain as well as the thyroid gland is critical to hormonal health.  Both chiropractic adjustments and specific postural exercises are powerful keys to reducing postural stress and maximizing nerve and oxygen supply to the brain and major glands of the body.

Discover all the keys behind stabilizing and promoting healthy hormone function for the rest of your life.   If you or anyone you know has hormone issues or symptoms such as low energy, dizziness, fatigue, weight gain, pain & inflammation, lowered immunity, and premature aging…than this workshop will show you the big picture and the fine details you need in order to regain your health and live out your dreams.

Healthy Hormones

Monday, November 16th    7pm 
Exodus Health Center