Saturday, August 22, 2009

Generation RX

Dr. David Jockers            Exodus Health Center

New York Times, July 7, 2008 “Cholesterol Drugs for Kids”:

Kids are now being to be screened for cholesterol as young as 2 years old and no older than 10…and in many cases, statin medications will be recommended.

The Research Says that the risks far outweigh the benefits:
“You can lower cholesterol levels with a drug yet provide no health benefits whatsoever, and dying with a corrected cholesterol level is not a successful outcome in my book.”
     Dr. John Abramson, clinical instructor at Harvard Medical School

Side Effects To Statins:

Acute Liver Disease Neuromuscular Disease Myalgia (muscle pain) Headaches Skin Swelling Eczema
Fatigue Sinusitis Depression Irritability Memory Loss Pharyngitis

ADHD & Anti-depressant Medication:   Children under 5 are the fastest growing population on mind-altering medications.

60% of all Foster Care Children – some as young as 2 or 3 years old are now on powerful psychotropic medications.
Watch this video about all the abuse:

The Wall Street Journal:       Drugs' Links To Suicide Risk Draw Concern
Among the 20 best-selling drugs of 2007, six already carry warnings for suicidality, and one was the subject of a special FDA "alert" this year and is being further studied.

The fastest growing population on these black box label drugs:       Children & teenagers

Neurologist, Dr. Fred Baughman,
     *500,000 children were diagnosed with ADHD in 1985 and placed on psychotropic medications.
     *Now, it is over 8 million and growing in record #’s everyday.
     *Schools now receive $400 from the government for each child with ADHD.

DEA Congressional testimony: neither animals nor humans can tell the difference between cocaine or Ritalin & similar stimulants (Strattera & Adderall) when they are administered the same way in comparable doses.  In short, they produce effects that are nearly identical.”

Dr. Tony Appel, Neuropsychologist:  “We are taking away their future, their ability to relate to people…trust, love, caring, the ability to put themselves in other people’s shoes.  We take all of that away from them.  We blunt their emotions.”

Everyday more and more children & teenagers are being diagnosed with these pseudo-labels and put on powerful medications that scar them for life.  Every one of these labels are entirely preventable through Maximized Living…we see it everyday.  Right now there are sick & dying children & parents all over the place who don’t know this– please don’t let them suffer in ignorance – open your mouth & invite everyone you know.


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